WI Environmental Is Your Remediation Solution

The companies technologies has been tested in many different scenarios with the results the samein all cases. No Detectable levels of heavy metals contamination with no threat to plant and widlife.

XR-88TM Product Testing

WI Environmental has collaberaterd with CSR Marine in Seattle to test XR-88TM with polluted water samples from their location. Samples included stormwater runoff present at the site, and samples of polluted pressure-washing solution, a byproduct of their business in cleaning boat hulls.

The tests were conducted at local labs accredited for such testing. The positive results can be viewed at the following links

View Stormwater Test Results

View Pressure Wash Test Results

XR-88TM was also tested in accordance with the Whole Effluent Toxicity Test (WET Test) to see if the disharge remaining after XR-88TM has been used to remediate the contaminated solution is toxic to the wildlife that dwell in the waters the the discharged is return to. The Environmental Protection Agency has provided detailed information on the whole effluent toxicity test methods at their web site. The positive results can be viewed at the following link

View WET Test Results

XR-88TM also passed the US Environmental Protection Agency Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (US EPA TCLP) test for leachability of trapped metals in the remaining sludge, thus yielding a non-hazardous waste. For example, after treatment with XR-88TM electroplating liquids that had been contaminated with metals showed no detectable levels of the metals and the resulting sludge which contained the stabilized metals from the liquid passed the leachability tests in the USA and China.

XR-88TM and Air Systems Technology (AST) Testing

In recent engineering evaluation tests conducted by an EPA Certified Laboratory, AmTest Air Quality a Division of Hoefler Consulting Group, WI Environmental demonstrated that Wandell Industries’s patented water wash technology for air purification (Air System Technology (AST) Solution) and WI Environmental’s XR-88TM slurry XR-88TM slurry removed over 90% of the CO2.