WI Environmental Is Your Remediation Solution

Company provides technologies for the remediation of coal ash, water pollution from acid mine drainage and stormwater runoff, heavy metal contaminated soils and air pollution.


Coal ash is a by-product generated from the combustion of coal, primarily from power generation plants around the world. Coal ash, depending on the specific coal bed makeup, can contain toxic constituents in varying amounts that include arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, strontium, along with dioxins, to name a few. In itself, current methods of use and storage of coal ash contributes to land, water, and air contamination with toxic substances.

While some coal ash, even though still toxic, is reused for such purposes as concrete production, gypsum board, road bank filler, road ice control, and a variety of household items, 65% of the worlds coal ash produced is stored in landfills and ash ponds. This allows for the leaching of toxic substances into the soil and water table that further permeates into the surrounding waterways and is carried into our environment like an inverted tree, starting at one point and branching throughout the entire root system. Unless methods are used to keep the mountains of coal ash that has built up wet, the substances are carried by the wind to the surrounding environment. Either by land, water or air, these toxic substances are now and will further contaminate in an exponential disbursement our environment on which are communities survive. A prime example of the failure of this type of system was in 2008 in Tennessee when a coal ash dam burst dumping 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash slurry into the Emory River and surrounding communities

WI Environmental Remediation process with XR-88TM is a solution to the whole problem of coal ash contamination. The process can be used to clean up the existing mountains of coal ash that have been generated, clean up the subsequent acid mine drainage that has been created, and be used to capture and remediate newly generated coal ash from powerplants. In this way coal ash can be reused or stored in a non-toxic way.

XR-88TM turns coal ash and acid mine drainage inert and benign, so it is safe to humanity and other forms of life, including aquatic life and the food they eat. XR-88TM has passed all U.S. EPA test including the TCLP test for leachability. (see Product Testing)

Within the U.S. the subject of coal ash has been an debated issue currently as the EPA is considering classifying coal ash as a hazardous material or solid waste, subjecting coal ash to rules for handling and disposal/recycling. Opposition to this EPA classification wants jurisdiction for coal ash disposal left to the individual states to where they could treat coal ash the same as municipal garbage to be disposed in contained landfills. WI Environmental has firsthand seen hexavalent chromium leach through six foot concrete barriers and therefore knows that the proposed contained landfills will not work. At the center of the debate is the issue of increased industry cost, increase end-user cost and lost jobs. WI Environmental Remediation process with XR-88TM is an affordable remediation solution to toxic coal ash contamination, a solution that WI Environmental believes will create jobs. Do nothing and then the cost will be our environment.