About WI Environmental

WI Environmental is an environmental remediation solutions company that with developed technologies that can bring any toxic contaminated site into total compliance with state and federal laws.

WI Environmental, established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Wandell Industries, is located in Washington State. WI Environmental is the heavy metals remediation expert that can bring any contaminated site into total compliance with state and federal laws, using its innovative, trademarked XR-88TM process. XR-88TM was researched and developed in both this country and in China for extreme remediation. XR-88TM treats and turns heavy metals and poisons inert, making them harmless to the environment for safe, easy disposal.

Timothy Wandell, President and Founder, WI Environmental

Timothy Wandell is a successful entrepreneur, first owning and operating businesses in Arizona and New Mexico. He then bought a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, developing breathing problems from volcano ash. When no one could solve the problem, he found a solution himself, developing and patenting an air system in 1996 that removes all contaminants. He took that system to China, moving into chemical research and development for pollution remediation. That process resulted in XR-88TM, used to treat stormwater runoff, acid mine drainage and certain types of air pollution.

Wandell grew up in Burien, Washington, attending Kennedy High School. One of his mentors there was his football coach Lou Tice, who founded the Pacific Institute, a research institute in Seattle that works to advance environmental protection, economic development and social equity. Today, Wandell is working to improve our environment around the world with WI Environmental’s clean up processes. He lives near Puget Sound in Washington State.