WI Environmental is an environmental remediation solutions company that with developed technologies that can bring any toxic contaminated site into total compliance with state and federal laws.


Many environmental contamination scenarios exist in our world today primarily due to the industrialized nature of our existence and livelihood. The result of this is a world with growing levels of toxic contamination in our air, water and soil, affecting our surrounding environment, and inundating these poisons into our food chain and water supplies.

There are several major contributors to toxic heavy metal environmental contamination that include:

  • Coal ash from electricity generating coal fired power plants.
  • Acid mine drainage from current and older abandoned mining operations.
  • Stormwater runoff from residential and commercial surface areas.
  • Industrial waste and byproducts that are unregulated or unmonitored and are improperly disposed of.

Heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, selenium, uranium, and zinc are threading themselves throughout our environment. Aqueous solutions of high acidity or high alkalinity and can be transporting heavy metal contaminates are traveling the creeks, streams and rivers that make up the roots of our water systems ending up in the aquifers that supply our drinking water.

Through our water systems and the food chain, as well as the air we breathe, these toxic contaminates are having an impact on our health and is viewable thru the cancer, heart and lung disease, respiratory distress, nervous system impacts and birth effects that humanity is experiencing.


The greatest challenge there is to environmental contamination is for all to quit turning a blind eye to the problem. To long has industry continued to operate with no regard to toxic side effects that they may create and rather focusing on higher profits. To long have governments lacked the teeth or desire to create and enforce regulations for the proper disposal of contaminated materials. And to long have consumers demanded cheaper products cost regardless of the negative impacts generated. The challenge is for all to admit that the problem does exist and that solutions be designed to remediate contaminates at the source and also to remediate contaminates that have been dispersed throughout our environment. Cost effective heavy metal remediation solutions exist and need to be enacted


As an environmental remediation company WI Environmental has developed and tested remediation scenarios with their trademarked chemical XR-88TM.

XR-88TM remediation systems are:

  • The only systems worldwide that remediates heavy metals and turns them inert and benign to the environment.
  • Passed and exceeded all worldwide tests, regulations and standards for remediation of heavy metals.
  • Unlike other technologies or solutions, XR-88TM systems remediate the contaminants permanently.
  • A fraction of the cost of other systems.
  • The best management practice for heavy metal remediation in contaminated soils, sludge and waters
  • In a water remediation system configuration produces certified clean water, safe for all plant and aquatic life.
  • System designs for coal ash remediation include those that can remediate coal ash as it is produced from the power plant as well as systems to remediated existing coal ash storage facilities.

XR-88TM is a proven environmental remediation solution.

  • Test results for storm water runoff, treated with XR-88TM shows ‘non-detectable’ levels of copper, lead and zinc in storm water
  • Add synopsis of china testing
  • Has been rigorously tested for over 6 years in both China and the U.S. and has been tested and verified by independent certified labs.
  • To date, there has not been one failed remediation venture.


XR-88TM is a proven solution and we encourage companies, governments, countries to do the right thing for the environment and for the world at hand. Take up the challenge to help the earth be a greener and cleaner world. XR-88TM is a U.S. product shipped worldwide and 100% guaranteed. Let WI Environmental help you with your needs in design, implementation and successful remediation processes.


We are so confident in our product that WI Environmental offers the following guarantee. Buy one container of XR-88TM and we will guarantee it to work in your remediation project or your money back including shipping costs. **This guarantee is subject to following all directions for XR-88TM usage from WI Environmental.

Joint venture partners and distributors welcome.

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